Organization Development

Organization Development is the practice of helping organizations solve problems and reach their goals. A key emphasis in organization development is assisting clients not just in meeting their goal but with learning new problem-solving skills they can use in the future.

Zaca International offers a range of services:

  • Change management: helping organization plan and implement significant changes in their organizations. Change management involves the continuous process of aligning an organization with its marketplace and doing it more effectively than the competition.
  • Group problem solving: helping organization identify a key issue, gather information about it, and outline decisions or action plans needed to address the issue.
  • Talent Management: helping managers assess their department’s workforce so that the right people are in the right roles with the right set of skills at the right time.
  • Planning and Strategy: helping organization plan an agenda, stay with it, and discuss issues effectively.
  • Team development: helping organization to develop teams that could work more effectively together.
  • Organizational Structure: helping organization to analyze job characteristics and design a better way the work is done.
  • Customized Training & Team Building: specialized training, workshops and seminars that help organization to develop or renew knowledge, skill or values to maximize team performance.