About Us


Zaca is a leading company in Lebanon that provides Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Statistical services (data collection and data analyses).

The origin of ZACA association goes back to 1992, when it was founded in Lebanon as ZACA association “Ziade Association for Computer, Accounting, and Statistic”. A pioneer in the field of administrative and accounting services, consulting, training, and statistics services, which works to provide all services through an integrated work system that seeks to integrate modern science with high quality to provide the best results with broad minds and expertise serving all sectors so as to create an interactive environment in the market Working with a new horizon and a high level of creative and innovative performance in many fields.

ZACA Association established in 2016 a branch in Turkey and we are intending to open offices in other countries in the near future. ZACA has built a solid track record of providing quality cost-effective services and using the most advanced scientific methods.”

ZACA is an independent member of UC&CS GLOBAL and an Independent Affiliated of UC&CS AMERICA